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Speed & Sixes Summer Lacrosse

Fast, Fun & Free Summer Training

Developing great lacrosse players on a lacrosse frontier like northern Michigan starts with small-sided competition.  These games are fast, fun, and help players develop quickly because everyone touches the ball more.

On Monday nights, we'll play Speed Lacrosse and Flex 6 Lacrosse from 6-7pm, then Sixes games from 7-8pm.  Check out the videos below to learn about both versions of lacrosse.

Speed Lacrosse is 3v3 lacrosse played with only sticks (no pads) and a soft ball on a small field.  This is the backyard version of lacrosse almost all the top players in the world grew up playing with their friends.  It is by far, the fastest way to develop stick skills and lacrosse IQ... a lot of colleges use this as their pre-practice warmup.

Flex 6 is like Speed Lacrosse, but played on a medium size field with up to 6 coed players per side (you have the option to have goalies as your 6th player).  Field players do not where pads, only a goalie can wear pads.  Flex 6 is typically played with a Swax Lax ball.

Sixes is the lacrosse format that will debut in the 2028 Summer Olympics.  It is fast-paced 5v5 lacrosse in full pads (plus goalies), with no offsides or long sticks.   We've had a number of college coaches suggest this version of the game for summer, so we're going to make it happen.

We'll have 4 divisions:

  • High School + Graduates (and coaches/parents)
  • Middle School (includes players that just finished 8th grade)
  • Youth (for 10U and advanced 8U players)
  • Girls (all grades... Speed Lacrosse with just girls, then play with their age group for Flex 6)

Game day details:

  • Every Monday, starting June 17 to July 29
  • We'll have 3 marked field, one for each age group
  • Speed Lacrosse & Flex 6 from 6-7pm (or longer if players want)
  • Sixes games from 7-8pm (for those with full pads)

We're also working on a high school Sixes training camp with college coaches and downstate teams July 30-31... stay tuned for details.

Click here to register.  There is no charge to play, but you need to register so we can verify your USA Lacrosse membership, which covers us for insurance.

If you don't have a USA Lacrosse membership or need to look up your account number, you can get that here

Any questions, please email Brian Main at

Speed Lacrosse

In the video below, Casey Powell (one of the best players of all time) explains Speed Lacrosse.  Click here to view the full rules.

Flex 6 Lacrosse

Essentially, Flex 6 is Speed Lacrosse, but with up to 6 players and the option to add fully padded goalies.

Sixes Lacrosse

This video breaks down Sixes and how it is played.  Click here to view the full rules. 

Girls Sixes

Girls play Sixes as well, but without pads.  Here is a full game so you can see the difference.